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Welcome to the Akumal Community Services Blog!

The Akumal Development Council is now a Commitee based Organization. One of it’s comittees is The Akumal Community Services Committee or ACSC.

The ACSC is dedicated to giving back to the Akumal Pueblo.

Our Goals:


  • 1.       To unite the efforts between the Pueblo and the Beach Community of Akumal to attain benefits from both Government and the Private sector for the good of all Akumal.
  • 2.       Support important projects for the Pueblo through the creation of a special fund within the Council, called the United Akumal Fund.
  • 3.       To improve communication between the Pueblo and the Beach community through mutual support and dialogue.



  Konried wrote @

we are happy to assist the children of the school, & hope to become further educated ourselves as to the situations & possibilities for their future(s). We have traveled to their beautiful beaches & have been quite taken in by the entire areas’ energies… Thank You for having the forsight to set this fund up for them. Perhaps we could discuss hosting a child for the year & the possibility of having them visit a U.S. elem., or middle school for a few days ? K.M., Tampa, FL

  akumalunited wrote @

Wonderful! If you want to sponsor a child, I can send you the pictures of those that qualify for a scholarship. We can go from there. If they went to the USA, that would really open their eyes to the world of possibilities if they continue their studies!
Thank you again!

  Derek Davis wrote @

My Wife and I sponsor a child in Lesotho we have room in our hearts and pockets to support one from your community .

Pleae send me the details …

Derek and Cheryl

  akumalunited wrote @

The cost to sponsor a child is $500 pesos per month for 10 months. It is $38.50 US per month. But you can also send in any amount and we add it to the fund. The Ecological center is our Administrator for the fund. You can make a check out to
Centro Ukana I Akumal A. C. and send it to : PO BOX 13326 El Paso, Tx 79913. This is however not tax deductible in the states. Thank you for your interest in these children of Akumal!

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